Hello! Welcome to the website dedicated to the global problems of mankind. Subject is not accidental, since Scientists have long noted the following pattern: at least the last three centuries, under the "curtain" of the century in the spiritual life of the developed European societies observed increase finalistic sentiment. This pattern is not a metaphysical or sociological, but rather psychological. And due to it including the increase of the number of global challenges facing the face of the modern world.

It is obvious that the world is steadily growing global environmental challenges. They began to appear at the end of the fifties as a worsening of the atmosphere, water, soil, forests and reduce the number of similar events. The main reason for the degradation of the natural habitat of people contacted the conquest way of modern capitalist society. It is intended to provide a variety of benefits of rapidly increasing world population and, therefore, forced to continuously increase their power. This leads to a negative "side" events.

To avoid disaster, developed a variety of ways of development. It is proposed, for example, to modify the economy so that the consumption of resources and the level of contamination does not exceed a certain critical size. According to the proponents of this approach, known as "sustainable development", actually achieve long-term sustainable economic development by limiting the consumption of resources and reduction in the number of people. It is assumed to apply as administrative measures (bans, fines and penalties), and methods of market regulation aimed at reducing the demand (for example, taxes on the use of specific resources).

In 1997, in New York, was to convene a special session of the UN General Assembly. At the Assembly presented a report "Global overview of the environment" in which, in particular, marked by such negative factors as loss of biodiversity, climate modification, excessive consumption in developed countries, accompanied by a huge amount of debris. It was stated that it is still in many countries, one of the main problem is food. The final document of the Assembly - "Declaration of the Heads of State and Government" includes calls to:

  • Support international and national cooperation;
  • Improve governance and respect for human rights;
  • Change the structure of production and consumption based on ethnic factors;
  • By 2015, halve the number of people living in absolute poverty;
  • Effectively complete the international negotiations on environmental issues;
  • To mobilize local resources in order to achieve sustainable development;
  • Confirm the need to allocate 0.7% of GNP of developed countries to assist developing countries.

The statement ends with the words: "Time is running out. Necessary that everyone has made an effort to change the trends of degradation."