Distribution of malignant neoplasms

Also very extensive geography of malignant neoplasms found, contrary to popular belief, all races and peoples. However, some features in the spread of the disease among the various races exist. So, Blacks are much more common liver tumor, the tumor is detected the nasopharynx, Mongoloid, Caucasoid is lung cancer and skin.
It has been suggested that the reasons for these features is fully linked to geographical factors. So, in the southern parts of skin cancer among Europeans, generally poorly adapted to the climate of the tropics and subtropics, happens a lot more often than in the North. For example, in Australia, one in four patients who has malignant tumor, is suffering from skin cancer. In some areas of Monsoon Asia to 50% of all cancer patients suffer from stomach cancer, the main cause of which is believed to use large quantities of polished rice.
Of course, the peculiarities of malignant tumors manifest at the level of not only race, but also individual countries and social groups. So, it is noticed that in Southeast Asia (in particular, in Indonesia, in Java and Kalimantan), as well as with the African people of SOUTH AFRICA (particularly among miners) 80% of all malignant neoplasms of liver cancer, while in the developed Western countries it accounts for no more than 1-2%. Such a high percentage of patients in this case associated with chronic malnutrition and conditions of production activity.