The spatial expansion of the "Aids"

AIDS (SPID in Russian) are a new, first-ever truly global deadly infection, which mankind is unable to stop. In the name of the disease (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is its decoding. Immune deficiency is known to lack immunity, i.e. immunity to bacteria, viruses and any infectious agents and alien substances. If, for example, people die from tuberculosis, Koch's Bacillus "egoubivaet". The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) detected and described in 1983-1988 Gg. American Robert Gull on and Frenchman Luc Montagnier. No one kills the AIDS virus, he only fully "disarm" the body and allows you to kill his other bacilli and viruses: influenza, angina, the abscess on his finger, and so on.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the middle of the 90s the number of people living with HIV worldwide was about 15 million people, with the epicenter of the danger is in Africa (about half of the infected). But the forecast for the same organization for the year 2000 is much more grim - the world will be infected over 40 million people, and scientists at Harvard University in the United States provide even more fearsome forecast - up to 120 million people.
The literature points to the existence of two of the AIDS virus. One of them discovered only recently (in 1986), was very similar to the green monkey virus that lives in some African countries. This has been the basis for the approval of the "African trace" of AIDS. Most likely, this is a premature conclusion. First, in patients with AIDS and the virus is extremely rare. And secondly, the origin of the spread of the virus, which is now "conquer" America, Europe and other regions of the world, set on the merits can not to this day. Blood tests, canned decades ago, indicate the absence of Africa this terrible virus in the past.
AIDS is spreading rapidly around the world, "ignoring" the national borders. Epidemic swept already tenth of the world, and the total number of those affected continues to grow. In this case, the patients most in Africa, followed by North America, Asia, Latin America, and so on. D.
Until recently it was believed that the main factors of space "expansion" of AIDS - is sexual promiscuity, drug addiction, and so on.. However experts found that, since 1991, about 80% of new infections is due to people who do not have to "at risk" in any way. Immorality and lack of spirituality have played a sinister role in the first stage of the disease, today reviewed and other sources of disease. One of them - the medicine itself, its scale, "tank" of blood, dishonesty medical staff (especially in less developed countries), admitted to sterilize objects in dental and gynecological offices, laboratories and areas of blood transfusion. The second - the general ignorance of personal hygiene and in matters of sexual relations.
There is a perception that AIDS - is not only a disease, but also a reflection of a certain stage of development of human society. Migration of the population, the destruction of the patriarchal family values??, "sexual revolution", the transformation of the human body by modern medicine in the source of raw materials (skin, blood, cornea, and so on. Etc..) Pharmaceuticals - all violated seemingly indisputable postulate: "Man is mortal but humanity is immortal. "As a result, humanity has become, as it were in a single complex organism, which can also be a mortal ...
Russia, like other countries that were part of a single Union, before the start of the 90s was characterized by negligible prevalence of AIDS. However, the expansion of international contacts, especially the development of tourism, do not do it today "protected zone" - the number of people living with the AIDS virus is growing every year. The disease came to us at the time when the country is weakened social-economic crisis, when public health - this immune system of the state - has been without many medicines without proper equipment and specialized clinics. Very little is being anti-AIDS propaganda. More recently, the leaders of our health care system were even afraid to say aloud a foreign word "homosexuality", without an analysis of the causes and extent of which can not be any anti-AIDS propaganda.
In most developed countries in the world have national AIDS program, we only created it. Needs a set of urgent measures, including the education of the young people of high moral principles, a healthy lifestyle. Of course, strengthening the anti-AIDS advocacy involves solving the pressing problems of material support.