Other problems of the oceans

A special application of human labour party to okeanosfere is to use the water as a natural means of communication between countries.
In recent decades, the most rapidly developing new, non-traditional marine appartment: pipelines, aviation, cable, power line communication. Embedded in the ocean and land transport such purely, as road and rail (construction of bridges, tunnels, etc.). Major engineering accomplishments include the relatively recently built tunnels between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan ("Sejkan tunnel") and LaMansem (between Great Britain and France), as well as giant bridges between the islands of Honshu and Shikoku in Japan, the island of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The successes of modern electronics have contributed to further development of cable services in the seas and oceans, which were unable to press even space communication system using satellites.
With a huge speed increase recreational load on the coast. Many areas of the coasts in countries with warm climates are transformed into a continuous chain of hotels, boarding houses, which puts before the Governments of those countries, many special issues.
Finally, intensive human activities have led to the increasing pollution of the oceans (as outlined in more detail in the w part of this tutorial «geology» is the focus of global problems ").
Thus, the global problems of the oceans is a problem and the economic, social, and technical and environmental at the same time.