The problems of the oceans

In the fact of their performances is a kind of "artificiality" in arising from the inappropriate juxtaposition of land area and water area of the ocean. However, the specificity of its development and ecology is so deep, and the value for all life on Earth is so large that the oceans have become deservedly famous independence.
Identified as semi-liquid colloidal mnogomolekularnye substances, which served as the original "building blocks" of the nascent organic life on the planet, can only occur in the waters of the ocean primary. The sea water is all that is required to make the metabolism in primary forms of living, of themselves and of their evolution. Moreover, the ocean, the moving environment protect nascent life from the damaging effects of UV radiation: aerial shell of the planet was then mainly of carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia, and oxygen is almost absent. This means that there was no "ozone screen, saved the Earth from space today by ultraviolet rays.
Over the billions of years of Earth life, thanks to its relentless development, not only entered the land, but also reached the highest perfection. But do not forget that its rapid flourishing, as well as the very existence of all living things on the planet — from the simplest single-celled creatures to a highly organized form of man — to the marine environment. It is the ocean provides the further development of life on Earth due to its role as the regulator of temperature, the producer of oxygen and other functions.
This is not an emotional backdrop, the multilayered appear purely practical problems of human exploration of the oceans, namely: 1) mineral?noresursnaa; 2) bioresursnaa; 3) energy; 4) transport; 5) recreation; 6) ecological; 7) naucnopoznavatel?naa. All so different (economic, technical, social, environmental, ethical, etc.) problem is a specific area of scientific knowledge, identifiable, by the way, on the basis of geographical criteria.