Social ecology

Social ecology (or socioekologia) is a set of scientific disciplines dealing with the relationships in a society, the natural environment and developing the scientific basis for the optimization of the human living environment. The terminology in this area is not well established. From the point of view of some scholars, social ecology is to examine the ratio of a geographical, social and cultural environments; According to the position of the other is a section of human ecology, examining the relationship of social groups in society with nature, and more from this socioekologia in some cases includes human ecology, in others the socioekologia is part of the human ecology.
However, social ecology is an internationally recognised scientific direction. Such status in the system of science she has achieved through the Elimination of biological determinism when defining their subject. This has contributed to a change in awareness that ecology is not only natural, but also humanitarian science.
The object of study of social ecology are socioekosistemy different hierarchical levels. It is clear that the largest, global socioekosistemoj is the system of "society-nature", including the biosphere and human society with the results of its activities. Such a system was not immediately. Billions of years of Earth's Geosphere is abiotic geosistemu, in which the circulation of substances occurred in the form of interconnected physical and chemical processes.
After the life she has been transformed into a global ecosystem, biosphere, consisting of two interacting subsystems: natural non-living (abiotic) and natural living (biotic). Cycling of matter and energy exchange in this new system considerably altered by living organisms.
When human society has reached a certain level of development and turned into a force capable to affect the circulation of substances and energy exchange in the biosphere, the global ecosystem has evolved into a global socioekosistemu. It follows that the global ecosystem is not always a socioekosistemu.