Biosphere as planetary organization of life

In recent years, the flow of publications on environmental growing like an avalanche. But the content of the majority of popular scientific works depressing as reduced mainly to the statement of facts of environmental degradation and the definition of requirements for improving it. This fact once again shows how important it is present environmental education and how utopian idea of ??turning all the polls in spetsialistovekologov. Particularly striking ignorance of the scale of the elementary concepts of the interaction between man and the biosphere. It is for this reason that "globalnoekologicheskuyu part" we begin with an analysis of the biosphere as a planetary organization of life.
In the words of a prominent Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, the biosphere - is "the domain of existence of living matter", the shell of the Earth, in which the overall activity of living organisms is manifested as a geochemical factor of planetary scale. Of course, from about 10 million living species, there are in the world, but a man has acquired a higher intelligence, and with it, primarily associated geochemical factors on a global scale. On the same planet, scientists say, is hardly possible existence of at least two types of thinking beings: those who came first, occupies space and do not allow "rival".
The notion of life as a continuous film of living matter, covering the Earth was formed in the XVIII century. in the works of Lamarck, but only in the XX century. Vernadsky was developed by the general doctrine of the biosphere. Yet in 1906 g.- twenty years before the publication of his landmark book "Biosphere" - a scientist asked such fundamental questions: "What does the whole organized world, taken as a whole, in the general scheme of chemical reactions of the Earth? Do not ... due to the development of all nothing but a particular form of energy dissipation? Without organisms, may be, there would be chemical processes on Earth? Do all cycles cycles of chemical elements are inevitably organisms? "
Vernadsky, the biosphere - not a static structure of "shell life," serving as the eternal reality of the surrounding world, but primarily geobioistorichesky process. Reducing it to a modern film of vital activity of the planet is not just impoverish the concept of the biosphere, and deprives it of the very foundation - the endless evolution, complexity of the historical development, its irreversibility. Hence, it becomes fundamental expression of the scientist, "the old biosphere", "geological ages of the biosphere" and others.
Biosphere concept Vernadsky devoid biologicity narrow and therefore can not be automatically attributed to the biological sciences. This broad integral (interdisciplinary, including geographical) direction in the earth sciences and life, located to the same is increasingly due to the social sciences.
So sometimes encountered in the literature interpretation of the biosphere as a population of living organisms is due to the environment of their life and substance, their components, must be rejected. Biosphere - is an open system that operates only in virtue of its relation to other geospheres our planet, and with them forms a single supersystem, anyway - the global ecological system. Can also be argued that the biosphere is composed of a hierarchy of geosystems and ecosystems.