Living matter of biosphere and its functions

In any interpretation of the concept "biosphere" its main components is living matter. This thesis is not trivial, though, because the biomass of living matter is only about 0.0001% by weight of the biosphere, which includes in its membership, as we know, all the organic matter of biogenic origin and inert substance other areas occupied by the biosphere. The thing is that the role of living matter in the biosphere is unique.
The main distinguishing feature of a living being is not so much its ability to multiply and move as a way to use energy. Only living things can capture energy from the sun, keep it in the form of complex organic compounds (biomass), communicate with each other, transform into mechanical, electrical, thermal, and other species.
The main functions of living matter are the following: 1) energy; 2) destructive; 3) concentration, and 4) environment-forming. The essence of the first of these is to absorb solar energy during photosynthesis and energy transfer through the food chain. For own needs of the body is spent on average 10-12% of assimilated energy. The rest of it is redistributed within the ecosystem. Energy is partially dissipated and partly accumulates in nutrients. After moving to the state of fossil energy is preserved in the earth's crust and is the power base for the geological processes that provide the energy needs of humanity.
Destructive function of living matter is the decomposition and mineralization of dead material in the chemical decomposition of rocks, minerals formed involvement in biotic circulation. A special group of organisms (decomposers) destructors decompose dead organic matter to simple inorganic compounds: carbon dioxide, water, hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, which is then re-used in the initial link of the cycle.
Concentration function is manifested in the selective accumulation in the vital activity of the atoms of substances dispersed in nature. The most active hubs of many elements are organisms.
Finally, the environmental functions of living matter is to transform the physical and chemical parameters of the environment (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere) in conditions favorable to the existence of organisms. With a certain degree of conditionality, it can be argued that this function is the result of the combined action of all the above functions of living matter. As a result, it is habitat functions formed sedimentary cover has been converted gas composition of the atmosphere has changed the chemical composition of the primary waters of the ocean, there was a soil cover on the land surface.