The demographic problem

The numerical growth of the human race and the issues associated with it, is quite old. She managed to play the role of "frightened" and cause a stream of poisonous irony. At the end of the 18th century English priest Malthus put forth a theory (Malthusianism). According to this theory, the welfare of workers under capitalism is the natural law of population ", which are defined by the fact that the world population is growing exponentially, and production growth is only in arithmetic. And although the basis of the theory of the "clerical demographer" rebutted the entire practice of mankind (in every sufficiently large period of time there has been a reverse relationship: "food production has outpaced population growth"), the demographic problem is not removed from the agenda, but is becoming increasingly acute. What is its essence? Try to understand.
From the earliest eras prior to the beginning of the last century, the world population ranged from 1 billion people. Only around 1830 it reached 1 billion people. Then there was incredible: Earth's population has been growing at a phenomenal, vzryvoobraznymi pace. After about 100 years after reaching the billion dollar level (about 1930 g.) it reached 2 billion, 30 years later (1960) — 3 billion, in 1975 — 4 billion in 1987 to 5 billion people. It is not difficult to see that last billion increase was only 12 years old (!). It is clear that if the population grows, the increasing demand for food and industrial products, in the new Lander, all large quantities of fuel, metal machines. Increasing the planet's ecological system.
In 1970, the growth of the Earth's population reached a peak in the entire history of mankind, the countdown for future years was already on this indicator. Projections for 2000 were born and later is worse than the other. The authors of one of the models of m. e. Pestel and Mesarovic in 1974, the next it premised thesis: the world has cancer, and that cancer is man ". Despite the deliberate "sharpen" thesis, it was, alas, and sound grain-growth of humanity should be limited. It was a kind of reproach and preachers "social optimism" (including in the former Soviet Union), that everything would be settled by itself.