Population explosion: its causes and consequences

In the demographic history of mankind can be divided into two large periods. The first of these was the so-called agrarian civilization and lasted until around the second half of the 17th century he had a relatively low population growth. In primitive society, even in the presence of polygamy (i.e. polygamy), natural increase was insignificant, as fertility and mortality, while high, are matched by.
The most notable changes in the number of people around the world, marking the transition to the second period of demographic development, over the last three centuries. But the rate of growth in the 60s were unprecedented. Then came the concept of the population explosion is a sudden increase in population growth, there were dire predictions of quick is the overpopulation of the planet.
What is the real reason the population explosion? First of all this is the result of a sharp decline in the share of deaths in all age groups. The birth rate also remained at a constant level (in many underdeveloped countries) or decreased, but not as much as the mortality rate. In the villages in developing countries, where high fertility persisted for a number of reasons. For centuries people thought she was natural and not seen a real alternative, and promote the transition to conscious family planning hardly comes to their mind. We cannot forget about the conservative position on the fertility of practically all religions of the world, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, in all its tolkah. It is no secret that the Church still (any) was a factor, significantly hindering the normalization of the global demographic situation.
What are the consequences of the demographic explosion? Uncontrolled population growth of the world sooner or later could plunge into chaos the world economy that would make a useless fight poverty and hunger, will lead to the depletion of natural resources and to fatal political upheaval.