Ecology pedosfery

Soil, their role in the development of wildlife. The soil cover on the planet — is an essential component of the pedosphere ecological systems, land and biosphere as a whole. It is known that the soil is a product of living matter on the rocks. The soils are a close pair of small and large geological cycles in nature. Hence their critical role in the exchange of material between the animate and inanimate matter.
It is through the soil are extremely important in the nature of the processes of return and mineralization of organisms matter, which then goes for a living. Thus the living of the past with the present and future. Humic shell of the Earth along with the living substance of sushi and organic matter of the oceans is the battery, transformer and distributor withheld photosynthesis of cosmic energy. This energy is used by living organisms, consistently turning in chemical, mechanical and thermal forms.
Vernadsky believed that the value soil slightly undervalued. In his works on the geochemical analysis he showed that tillage are central to the Exchange processes between material bodies. So, the composition and dynamics of soil to a large extent determined by the composition of water land and ocean, and hence the nature of sedimentary rocks, which due to tectonic movements, rise above sea level to form substrates for new soil. On this soil, Vernadskiy is largely conditioned by the quality of the circulation and the gases of the Earth's atmosphere, because of the Earth's crust of the soil (due to the intensity of the biogeochemical processes) have the greatest influence on the composition of the atmosphere. Very great role of soil and to maintain conditions conducive to life on land regimes of temperature and humidity.