Assimilation and depopulation of minority

The processes of assimilation and depopulation etnomenypinstv are nowadays in a variety of forms and are associated with the loss of the small ethnic groups their language, culture, religion, national identity, and with incestuous marriages, low birth rate, high mortality and respectively with "negative" for the natural growth of the population.
It is clear that the assimilation processes are characterized by extraordinary diversity in the nature, pace and forms and therefore their assessment may not be explicit. The science clearly differ in terms of natural and forced assimilation. The first of these, for example, is associated with many immigrants in the United States and Western Europe, where pretty quickly "dissolve" ethnic groups of European origin in the white English-speaking majority. This kind of ethnic assimilation processes are usually painless and does not lead to marked social conflicts. Old concept associated with the targeted State policy on absorption, reducing the functional role of other ethnic groups.
The most significant assimilation processes purchased in multi-ethnic countries: India, Indonesia, the United States, the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, etc. There is no directly proportional relationship between the assimilacionnymi processes and interethnic rivalries over land, for housing in cities, for key positions in the economy, political domination, etc.
Assimilation etnomenypinstv often accompanied by depopulacionnymi trends associated with deterioration of the genetic Fund of minorities, incestuous marriages, spatial "spread" ethnic group. You should not, of course, mix at processes, distributed at the "periphery" of world civilization (Australian aborigines, some Indian tribes in Latin America, the peoples of the far north of Russia) with the phenomena occurring in countries with developed market economies; the factors which give rise to them, completely different.