Other factors, "provoking" outbreak of nationalism

Continuing the conversation about the factors contributing to the escalation of ethnic tensions, note that in the literature analysis still descriptive or kon?unkturnopoliticeskij or ideological shade. Conceptual design of important topics are not yet available.
Insufficiently investigated the role of economic factors, perhaps because of its "universal" nature. The economy, as industrial relations and economic activities, is the universal base, above which rise the legal and political superstructure and closely adjacent to all forms of public consciousness. In this sense, all social phenomena in one way or another connected with the economy.
In highly developed Western societies there is no direct relationship between the level of socioeconomic development and the desire for self-determination. For example, in Western Europe, effective national policies is one thing and a measure of mutual attraction or repulsion of peoples is quite another. Between Belgium and Luxembourg real monetary Union there for nearly seven decades, and no one comes to mind on the basis of the highest integration of Belgium and Luxembourg to demand their political mail merge or at least at the level of the Confederation. We have not addressed some of the other reasons leading to destabilize ethnic relations (in particular, unmanaged population development in third world countries, etc.). Each of them contains a distinct geographical aspect.