Natural phenomena (PCOS)

Throughout history, mankind has witnessed many tragedies caused by forces of nature. In the view of many scientists, PCOS are identified by an independent global challenge facing the world today.

To order images of sleeping, facilitate their study and review the task of combating them, use different classification of these phenomena. Here's one of them, taking into account the diversity of conditions of their occurrence (table 16). Of course, this classification is not universal. In the literature there are many attempts to systematize the PCOS, including the maximum number of victims in a single case, the territorial extent and so on, in the latter case, there are natural phenomena the three levels: global, regional and local. Global PCOS usually related to earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme cold winters or hot summers, dry volcanic eruptions. With regional natural phenomena taking place within continents or their individual parts are strong winds, dust storms, droughts, floods, etc.; local — phenomena which organicennoe spread. This does not mean, however, that the essence of the global problem of PCOS are only the biggest of them.

In the face of natural disasters, the most vulnerable developing countries. According to available data in science, the annual probability of the individual's death from natural disasters in industrialized countries is U6 (one chance in a million), in the underdeveloped — U5 and in Bangladesh (country stemming from some of the most vulnerable countries) is 10 ' 4. (Only in 1970 in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan territory) caused by the cyclone and tidal wave killed about 1 million people. the experts noted that it was not only the biggest disaster of all natural disasters of our time, but it broke all records on the extremely low efficiency of rescue operations.)
Today in many countries of the world develops special national programmes for disaster planning at the regional, national and international levels, including training in disaster planning "," development of scientific research related to the study of economic, social and psychological aspects of PCOS.

You just read that in developed countries, efforts have been made to "disaster planning, and developing countries are still vulnerable to them.
All of this is true. But it is also true that humanity is itself as much as possible the impact of these disasters increased at all the great mass of people.
Meztiruetsa attention to those phenomena that occur in this region. In Japan, for example, is an earthquake in the United States. floods, tornadoes and earthquakes; in the UK, floods and so on in some countries have established special research centers for the study of natural disasters. In Japan, where the study of earthquakes are from the mid-20th century, is the National Center for disaster protection and Research Institute for the prevention of natural disasters in Kyoto; in the United States — the disaster Research Center at the National Academy and special academic unit at the University of Colorado, and so on.