The problem of suicide

In the scientific language of "suicide" means a voluntary death. According to open statistics in most countries of the world today, the suicide curve creeps up, indicating the magnitude of the problem. There is a point of view that it was suicide (rather than drugs, AIDS and road accidents) are becoming a more common cause of death in peace (although the argument of the lack of reliable statistical data is not easy). This is an inevitable cost of giving good technical progress in all of its manifestations: industrialization, urbanization, accelerate the pace of life, a complication of human interaction, and of course the lack of spirituality.
For example, in such a prosperous country like France, about 20 people for every 100 thousand. people commit suicide every year. In no other country of the West sleeping pills and tranquillizers do not zaglatyvautsa in such huge numbers in 2 times more than in Britain, 10 times more than in Sweden. The "epidemic" of suicides in the first place were covered by young people 15-24 years old and unwanted "Palm" in this regard, acquired in Brittany. (Curiously, there is even a "suicide" capital is the city of Lorient on the Brittany coast.)
It is naive to believe that settling of accounts with life is a kind of "hobby" of the French. From time to time those data on cases of suicide in Russia show that for many years we were virtually on par with France, but in the early 1990s suicide dramatically upward curve. In some regions of Russia, there were more than 50 suicide cases per 100 thousand. inhabitants: North, Trans-Ural, Udmurtia, Komi Republic, etc. Printed in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, also registered a significant increase in the number of suicides (more than 22 persons per 100 thousand people), in pre-revolutionary Russia, there were only 3 per 100 000. residents.
Statistics show that only 25% of suicides committed by people with a mental illness. The rest are either mentally healthy people, or a person related to a group of border State nervnopsihiceskih.
The sphere of interests of geographical science is closely connected with the following question: why in some countries and regions for suicide more than others? The phenomenon of suicide is one of the most mysterious in the human culture. For example, the Caucasus and Central Asia, where religious and national institutions are not as loosened a bit, suicide. In the areas of local conflicts, ethnic strife, suicide is also very little: a man of war who lost loved ones, homes, possessions, but rather respond to this dire situation its determination to take revenge on the enemy. But the man to break away from their homeland, as the risk to fall from their hands dramatically increases. Study of regional factors of suicide is still waiting for its researchers.