The problem of crime

The roster of global human concerns not limited described previously. It is much broader, more voluminous, which clearly demonstrates the material theme "global studies and geography. Unfortunately, geographic approaches to the analysis of some of them are still insufficient.
One of the most pressing global challenges of our time is the maintenance of a high level of crime. To some extent it is inherent in all States, without exception and in this sense is a global danger for everyone. In short, the crime is a violation of law and order. Naturally, the forms of such violations may be very much. Under the criminal law of many States to the most serious crimes is the State (treason, espionage, political terror, sabotage). Very dangerous crimes against the person (murder, bodily injury, rape, etc.), crimes against personal property of citizens (burglary, robbery, theft, fraud, extortion), crime officers, housekeeping, etc.
Wanted terror-policy and crackdown on political opponents by criminal methods. History shows that the most authoritarian regimes in violence, terror have always seen out of political, economic, ideological and other difficult situations. And then on the verge of appearing real "Moloch", who devoured thousands and millions of lives and stalkivavsij nation into chaos.
One of the serious crimes in the world today is air terrorism (hajdzeking). He entered the air operations in many countries, but especially rampant in Russia, causing the country huge economic, moral and political damage. Each hijacking is, as a rule, millions of lost dollars, not to mention the threat to human life.
In each case the crime situation is the result of many factors, which reflect genetic, causal connections of crime with social reality. This form of crime often vary from country to country, from region to region, which in turn depends on the conditions and ways of life of the local population, criminogenic "tradition", the nature of the national criminal law, and so on. in this regard, social?nogeograficeskih studies of crime there is a long established concept "geokriminogennaa environment". Of course, the content is already applied in the jurisprudence and practice of law enforcement authorities of the crime situation "(the crime scene). The latter is much broader and includes such elements as factors that affect crime, law enforcement, policy settings, and so on.