In science always appears something new, not yet found wide acceptance. The greenhouse effect in 1995, the "appalling counter-arguments against such" were:
1. Report of the Intergovernmental Group of experts on the problem of climate change (IPCC), in which the two were questioned a stereotype and it was argued that:
— remain unclear reasons the past global warming over the last century;

  • climate predictions of the future on the basis of the paleoanalogov are not appropriate, and it means that there are no skol?konibud? reliable methods of predicting the climate.

K. Kondratiev (Eurasia.-1995., no. 2).
2. in the Finnish city of Tampere hosted the World Congress, through the forest (August, 1995), which made the report a Finnish scientist-geologist X. Hirvas. Your opinion about the greenhouse effect and its impact thus: "he will not be melted continental ice is most likely to happen the opposite — continental ice grew as it was during the warmer periods". Therefore, the threat of coastal flooding is not?