Natural gas

Natural gas production is concentrated in the industrialized countries, the United States, Russia, Canada and Western Europe accounted for 65 percent of total production. It is dominated by Russia, 27% of the world production of gas in the world.
The development of international trade, particularly with the countries of Asia and Africa, is due to the complexity and cost of the construction of transcontinental and intercontinental (underwater) gas pipelines. Major transcontinental gas pipelines are found only in the CIS, Western Europe (with gas from Western Siberia are GERMANY, France, Austria, Central and Eastern European countries) and North America (Alaska, Canada, United States). In the 1980s underwater gas pipelines were built from North Africa to Italy and Spain.
The most critical international trade in steel shipments of liquefied natural gas (15%), but in this case you must create costly gas liquefaction plants (in exports) and transform it into a normal gas (in the ports of import). the largest exporters of natural gas are Russia, Canada, Algeria, Netherlands.