Role of forest resources

Forest resources is often and rightly associated with environmental and non-raw material problem. Moreover, there is a lot of evidence that in the late 20th century, they have more energy than raw role. 70 per cent of the total population in underdeveloped countries use wood for cooking and heating, on average per year for the approximately 700 kg of burning man. In Nepal, Uganda and Haiti 9/10 energy needs are met by wood fuel, India-g/w. statistics show that more than half of the forest cut down each year is burnt to provide energy.
And it is certainly a high-quality wood remains and trudnozamenimym construction material, especially in the construction, furniture and so on. D. Hence the ongoing processes of deforestation of the planet have a direct relationship to the global resource problem. Only in the last 200 years, the area of forests in the world fell at least twice and continues to dramatically decrease. Most rapidly disappearing rainforests today they have only 1 / e of the original footprint.
However, in this case we are not interested environmental aspect of deforestation and resource. The situation is far from critical. Self-sufficiency in timber business in Western Europe is currently about 75% of total needs. In this case, the Scandinavian countries exporting wood; Germany, France and Portugal entirely meet their needs. Only UK acts as a major importer of timber, purchasing 90% of its consumption. But we should not forget that the forest cover of the country has increased from 7% in the 20's to 20% today, which is a world record. It can be seen that for the most civilized states era of progressive deforestation has remained in the past, forest area here in the worst case has stabilized, at best - increased due to afforestation and natural growth. Case of degradation of forest cover are usually associated with acid rain. In this case, the first to suffer coniferous, dramatically losing their productivity.
A huge part of the world's forest resources possessed by Russia, has an impact on the world market of the forest. However, in recent years it has been reduced because of Pererub forests in the European part and the inaccessibility of deep areas of the Siberian taiga. Special topic of discussion is a backward model forest with enormous losses during transportation of wood, with a waiver of recovery branches and twigs, with negligible scale reforestation, and so on. D.
As for land, water and other resources, we should not forget that the essence of the global resource problem is the growing difficulties in securing raw materials of the world economy. Both water and land are becoming the harness resources are not limitless, the resources that it is time to "read".