The raw problem

It would be imprudent to analyse this issue in isolation from others, especially from energy. After all, the use of all natural resources, raw materials and energy, renewable and nevozobnovimyh — are closely intertwined. So, oil is a commodity and resource and energy, its value could be much less had it not been for machines, constructed of iron, copper and other metals. Agricultural lands are more fertile (that will give more agricultural raw materials), unless they cultivate appropriate technology tucked fuel, and handle the phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers.
The very concept of raw materials is very capacious. These are the materials and objects of labor, has undergone notable change and subject to further processing (oil, ore, wool and wood chips, synthetic resins and plastics, etc..). All the various types of raw materials are separated by birth to the industrial and agricultural, and field use - even for dozens of categories (fuel and energy, metallurgical, mining and chemical and so on. D.). But the most common (and generally fair!) Raw materials associated with it is certainly mineral resources.
Mineral Resources - the original, the original basis of human civilization in almost all phases of its development. However, only now finally rid mankind from the idealistic notion that they are practically eternal. Mineral resources are limited, and virtually irreplaceable, while maintaining an exponentially growing consumption in the foreseeable future will be exhausted. It is important to note the following fact: humanity is essentially not threatened physically near exhaustion of cash in the Earth's interior mineral resources - very limited technically accessible and cost effective (in terms of abundance and quality) of many important minerals. Rapid exhaustion and its appeal to the less efficient deposits will mean a serious challenge for the economies of many countries.
That's why questions like "large or small reserves of mineral resources?", "What is the security of mankind?" Is not quite correct. Of real interest is only that portion of a natural substance that can technically and economically be used effectively. That the fact that the Earth is at the center of the metal core of the Earth, consisting mainly of iron and nickel? There is good reason to believe that the Earth's core will never be a source of replenishment of balance reserves of these elements for the global economy.
Next. You can not argue that the essence of the global resource problem reduces to near depletion of the individual types of minerals. Firstly, we should not forget about the forest, and some other kinds of natural resources, and secondly, the expression "close exhaustible" refers to the planet as a whole and not to individual states. Constant fluctuations in supply and demand, alternating periods of shortage and excess raw materials on world markets and, accordingly, abrupt fluctuations in world prices, the sharp contradictions between exporters and importers of raw materials (primarily developed and developing countries), a tough fight between the individual firms - all these phenomena and processes are directly related to the global resource problem.
Finally, one can not dwell on issues of limited or non-reproducibility of Earth's natural resources. No less attention should be given questions ресурсновоспроизводственной human activity, ie. E. Disposal or recycling (recycling) of all waste people's productive activity. Traditionally, most of this waste, as it is ejected, which grossly violates one of the basic laws of ecology - the cycling of matter in nature.