Hunger and human health

Insufficient and inadequate diet of much of the population of the planet has a great influence on the biological and social aspects of reproduction of all mankind, his vitality, productivity etc. Malnutrition is particularly detrimental to the health of children under 5 years of age. According to the results of the research, this slows them both physical and mental development, and subsequently affect mental state. In developing countries every year, around 100 of thousands of children lose their eyesight due to lack of vitamin a in food.
Often ill newborns before hatch. The reason for that - anemia in women during pregnancy, caused by chronic malnutrition and hunger. Anemia - a consequence of the deficit in food iron and folic acid - leads to a marked decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, that is. E. To anemia. Such patients complain of weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness. In favorable conditions, the disease is treated easily enough: iron supplements are introduced, improving nutrition due to the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, liver, and so on. D. For most people in underdeveloped countries, many of these foods are unattainable luxury.
Well-known relationship of nutrition to the duration of human life. However, the specific mortality figures from hunger and malnutrition is very difficult to establish, because in most cases constant malnutrition weakened body becomes a victim kakoylibo disease, which is fixed in the case of the statistics of death. Particularly fertile ground for the spread of hunger becomes infectious diseases which, by the way, according to statistics dies even more people than undernourished.
Vicious circle "of poverty - malnutrition - disease - low productivity - poverty", typical of the countries of the world "periphery", leads to the fact that drops sharply disabled people involved in the production, as malnutrition weakens a person. Disease and poverty in the villages forcing young people to go into the city. As a result of reduced labor resources, increase the pace of urbanization, more precisely psevdourbanizatsii. Hence the growing social tensions, rising crime, disease, child mortality.