Power supplies in the past and now

Over the long history of humankind have substantially changed their menu. Primitive people ate food almost exclusively of plant origin: berries, roots, fruit, edible leaves and an important addition to their vegetarian "table" were the bird's eggs, shellfish, small animals. Thus, the view of the ancient man as overly plotoadnom, constantly busy with romantic hunting battles, erroneously. It is extremely rare (and before opening fire in a crude kind) tasted meat.
Confirmation vegetarian nature of the food of primitive man are, for example, analyzes of bladder stones found in the remains of the people of the Mesolithic. It is composed of oxalates not specific to animal food, calcium phosphates, testifying about the use of pizzas exclusively of vegetable origin.
Gradual transition to hunting and fishing marked an important phase of expansion of food resources of mankind. This was facilitated by invention of the bow, various traps, snares and nets, the use of the first raft shuttles. Note that the use of the first melting means significantly expanded the geography of primitive man: major rivers no longer serve as an obstacle and contributed to his resettlement within their basins. Accelerated the development of the archipelago.
Nevertheless, while hunger and malnutrition haunted man. This is evidenced by recent discoveries at the intersection of medicine and archeology. Particularly valuable information about nutrition give our ancestors remains stagnant. Like the rings on a tree trunk, indicating its age, our bones - a kind of mirror quality and nutrition. Our method is based is that the growth of long bones such as the femur, tibia brachial, due to an insufficient supply stops. When the nutritional balance is restored in the bones, with the help of X-rays, traced the increased growth of bone tissue with the formation of characteristic lines. Count the number of "strips Harris" (in the name of their discoverer), it is possible to identify a picture of food.
Over time, the food was made more diverse. Vyrostayut became the role of animals as sources of higher-quality (compared, for example, grain or vegetables! Foods: meat, milk and various dairy products. Increasing dietary share of animal products is characteristic of a prosperous economical com to States.