Backwardness and colonialism

As already stated, stereotyped izderzkoj Soviet field literature was the explanation of the backwardness of developing countries largely to their colonial past. This viewpoint, bias going back to class struggle in science today is obvious. For example, some developing countries, long after independence, have made too little success in its development, other (newly industrialized countries) are today among the leaders.
The nature and impact of colonialism on the destiny of the peoples of the third world have depended on many factors: the stage of development of capitalism in the metropolis and its specific economic interests at the moment; type civilization that existed on the territory of colonial trade and even natural features of a colony. As a result of the influence of colonialism itself was ambivalent. On the one hand colonialism laid the material foundation of capitalist society, contributed to the development of tovarnodeneznyh relations, included the colonies in the economic system of the world economy and on the other, it's stalled for decades to the development of traditional indigenous forms of social organization, local crafts, udusil had a population of exploitation, depriving it of its traditional means of subsistence.