Latin America

Against the background of the regions slightly better feed Latin Americans, but here the food problem is acute. The area of malnutrition covering the Andean countries (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia), and many States in the Caribbean (Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.).
Of course, unlike in other parts of the developing world, Latin America is a major supplier of many food products on the world market. In recent years, relatively quickly developed agriculture of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina. The results achieved in these countries in the ' 80s, sharply stand out against the stagnant situation of the agricultural sector in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala and other countries. First of all, this concerns the production of such vital products like beans, corn, potatoes, etc., grown mostly on farms. For example, with maize Guatemalans receive up to 70% of calories, a similar situation has occurred in areas of Indian settlement.