Environmental pollution caused by human activities — at the expense of emissions (discharges) of gaseous, liquid and solid wastes, manufacturing, public utilities, transport, from agriculture, and so on of the pollution comes from the recreational systems. With a wide range of pollutants, gases, heavy metals, organic substances, artificially created radioactive elements, etc.
We point out some of them, with negative effects on the human body.
Sulphur dioxide. (SO2) hits the air mainly from power plants, is also contained in the exhaust gases of vehicles with diesel engines. A person causes a diseases of the upper respiratory tract, causing great harm to biocenozam. Has a devastating effect on even the monuments and sculpture made of natural stone and concrete. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere from exhaust gases of vehicles, as well as from industrial enterprises, a person is predisposed to diseases of upper respiratory ways. Carbon monoxide (co) occurs when incomplete combustion of fuel in car engines running at idle, affect oxygen transport mechanism in the human body.
Extremely poisonous numerous hydrocarbons. In the nesgorevsem as they are released into the atmosphere by industrial enterprises and car exhaust pipes. One of these is benzene-ingredient of gasoline, which disappears from the benzobakov reservoir and gas stations, but is also contained in the exhaust gases is carcinogenic. Hydrocarbons are the pyrenes, combustion of gasoline. There are hundreds of varieties of pirenov, the most famous of which is the benzo [a] pyrene, it is more carcinogenic than benzene.
Quite caustic and poisonous to humans and plants, ozone is formed wherever a lot of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Paradoxical situation is the concentration of ozone in the lower air layers where it is very harmful, increasing, whereas in the stratosphere, where it filters the hard ultraviolet rays, it gets smaller.
Extremely adverse effects on human health are heavy metals (prituplausie memory and affect mental activity in General), cadmium, mercury, asbestos dust, etc. to the specific classes of pollutants include detergents (detergents), pesticides used in agriculture, and so on.