The exponential growth of technogenic load on the environment

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, i.e. for several hundreds of years, the growth of technogenic load dominates the development of socio-economic systems of the Earth. Thus, the growth of the population of the world is moving at a speed exceeding 1.6% per year, which means a doubling of the population over the age of 40. But industrial production is growing even faster (for 1970-1990 Gg. 3.3% per year, i.e. twice the population growth). During these same years, coal consumption has increased 2.5 times, the capacity of thermal power stations-in 2.5 times, nuclear power plants — in 23 times. Consumption of mineral fertilisers increased by 3 times and in the early 1990s, it was on the field for 15 times more than in the early postwar years. Even more intensively developed other branches of chemical industry-manufacture of man-made fibres increased 10 times, 60 times in plastics.

Most rapidly developing industry, especially affecting the ecological state of the planet: oil refining and petrochemicals, energy, transportation equipment ("boom automobile"), the industry voennopromyshlennogo complex. Emerged in these years, the nuclear industry has caused the most complicated problem of radioactive waste disposal. This seemingly more "reliable" ecologically industry, agriculture, due to the widespread introduction of methods of "green revolution" in some developing countries has significantly increased the pressure on the previously "clean" areas of the world.
Correct to speak of the intense development of the technosphere in general, that is. E. System structures created by humanity and the "fit" them into the biosphere - villages and towns, industrial complexes and communications networks, arable lands and agricultural structures. Of course, agriculture is, as it were between the technosphere and the biosphere, humanity rather organize this area than dominates it.
The country is very strong "mine awareness".
There is a growing pressure on the biosphere, the technosphere, are fewer and fewer natural landscapes, more expand the boundaries of altered or completely transformed landscapes. This process is almost covered the entire planet and the growing pace unprecedented in history. It is characterized by exponential growth. (Exponent - curve) "Military technogenesis" - is not only a direct impact voennopromyshlennogo complex on the environment, but also scary, "the next war" on the territory of many countries emerging from or undergoing military conflicts and the danger of carrying people.
process with increasing acceleration having J-shaped. Mathematically exponential function is y = Ax, x - the independent variable.) This doubling time is known to be dependent on the magnitude of increase in the year. As an illustration of the exponential growth of the world population present data known Western futurist D. Meadows.