Man-made: global and regional manifestations

In slovarespravocnike n. f. Reimers "Environment" is interpreted as a man-made process of natural complexes changes due to human activity. It is to transform the biosphere is influenced by the combined geochemical processes related to technical and technological activities of people removed from the environment, concentration and realignment of a number of chemical elements, their mineral and organic compounds.
Along with the concept of Technogenesis in literature is widely used a term — "human evolution". On this issue there is, at least, three points of view. In accordance with the first, these concepts are synonymous, because all the processes of the impact of society on the natural environment are at the root of human life. According to the second criterion of distinction between these terms is the fact of using (or not using) technology. (So, in the above slovarespravocnike n. f. Reimers, antropogenezom means a change and self development of natural objects and phenomena under the influence of human activities ", that is, the term" production "is omitted.) Finally, the third point of view is that human evolution is only the initial stage of the impact of society on the natural environment, which develops the productive forces gradually gave way to tehnogenezom. It can be argued that this position is the most legitimate (indeed, when it comes to direct anthropogenic pressures on natural systems, whether it be hunting, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries, this level of load on a given territory directly depends on the level of development of transport systems and technologies for hunting, fishing, etc.). The conclusion is: the totality of modern processes of society on nature can be described as man-made.
On the basis of genetic characteristics, scope and forms of anthropogenic disturbances in the natural environment, there are two types of technogenic influence on the natural environment: direct and indirect. The first one is economic objects in direct contact with the natural environment in the management of natural resources. Direct impact is usually parallel to the operation of such facilities, and in territorial terms the area practically coincides with the area of the relevant economic systems.
As regards indirect technogenic influence, it is indirect, as a result of a chain reaction caused by the direct impact on the natural environment. Any local disturbances in Geosystems through various channels (via gravity moving material flow, circulation of air masses, etc.) apply to neighbouring territories. The cumulative effect of such transfer is ultimately a regional and even planetary importance.