Population doubling time

Easy to calculate that the current rate of population growth will double its population by 40, and industrial output will double in 20 years — that is, during the lifetime of the current generation of people. This, of course, be aware of the uneven growth of individual regions of the Earth and its qualitative differences.

The uneven economic growth in the first half of the 1990s, there was, for example, the following figures: in konstrastnymi bystrorazvivavsemsa China-more than 10% per year, in countries that have emerged from the former USSR were mostly negative, moderate growth was observed in the West (2-3% per year). Qualitative differences are that in developed countries, the greatest impact on the environment by man-made processes, and in most developing countries, where previously dominated "doindustrial?noe pollution (deforestation, desertification), now there are new factors (" trusobnaa urbanization "," reset "mass polluting industries from developed countries, imports banned in Western countries, chemicals, etc.).

Noticeable qualitative differences existed between the West and the Eastern bloc. So, the energy intensity of national income of countries in Eastern Europe in the first half of the 1990s, was at 2-2, 5 times higher than in the West. In Eastern European countries (in Russia) are still widely practiced crude steel production in open-hearth furnaces and other outdated, inefficient technology, whereas Western Europe completely translated the steel smelting on the progressive and environmentally cleaner kislorodnokonvertornyj method and elektroplavku. A similar evaluation should also be environmentally "dirty" chemical industry of countries in Eastern Europe.

Growth per year,% doubling time, years
od 700
0.5 140
1.0 70
2.0 35
3.0 23
18 4.0
5.0 14
7.0 10
10.0 7