Energy challenge

Russia's energy problem

After the collapse of the Soviet Union dominated the energy problems (energy consumption economy, obsolete power equipment, a price increase of basic energy sources, the problem of eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster), supplemented by new, less complex.

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Nuclear power engineering

On today apparently only nuclear power can dramatically and in a fairly short period of time to ease the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect. In full extent this happens to 1973, when the share of nuclear energy in the increase of the world's electricity is 1/3.

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Alternative energy sources

Question about soft power sources is not simple. It is also called alternative, countering the traditional polluting — coal, oil, gas (37). The largest Soviet physicist academician p. Kapitsa argued that alternative sources for the foreseeable future will not be able to seriously suggest that traditional energy sources. Apparently, such a view is valid, although the important role it can play in oil prices.

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Natural gas

Natural gas production is concentrated in the industrialized countries, the United States, Russia, Canada and Western Europe accounted for 65 percent of total production. It is dominated by Russia, 27% of the world production of gas in the world.

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Oil security

To save energy, the leading capitalist countries have made huge strides in 1970-1990 Gg. the GDP grew by 60%, but this was a small increase in primary energy consumption (25-27).

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The energy problem

Today in the world of fuel while producing power plant work nonstop and the world economy is in ubystrausemsa mode, but the energy problem remains one of the most pressing.

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