Global Ecology

Key issues in the global environment

Analyzing the list of major global environmental change at the end of the 20th century (see para. 53), it can be concluded that the main problem today is the optimization of nature management is changing the strategic environmental management, continuous improvement, in order to overcome the negative consequences on a global scale. To resolve this problem, research is needed on environmental, technological and ekonomikopravovym areas.

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Evaluation of ecological environment

Assessment of the environmental situation fraught with many difficulties. First, it always refers to a defined territory whose borders are blurred. Besides the natural boundaries of territorial systems and administrative entities, as it is known, do not match. However, arrays of statistics are, as a rule, in the context of administrativnoterritorial?nyh entities and public areas.

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From the microecosystems to global ecosystem

The global cycles of vital (biogenic) items fall in the biosphere into many smaller cycles, dedicated to local habitats of different biological communities. Functional systems, which include the community of living organisms and their environment, exercising more or less closed nutrient cycle, called environmental systems.

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Global ecology

The integral attribute of the modern world development is the environmental imperative is compulsory and the urgency of action to save the environment. A sharp increase in his role with the deteriorating condition of the binds of the biosphere, and a marked decline in the late 20th century, ideological, political and military confrontation between the West and the East. A drastic reduction in global military threat the long-suffering laid bare before mankind is the main problem of survival in the face of the growing environmental crisis.

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