Other global issues

The problem of suicide

In the scientific language of "suicide" means a voluntary death. According to open statistics in most countries of the world today, the suicide curve creeps up, indicating the magnitude of the problem. There is a point of view that it was suicide (rather than drugs, AIDS and road accidents) are becoming a more common cause of death in peace (although the argument of the lack of reliable statistical data is not easy). This is an inevitable cost of giving good technical progress in all of its manifestations: industrialization, urbanization, accelerate the pace of life, a complication of human interaction, and of course the lack of spirituality.

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The problem of space exploration

Relevance of this problem is quite obvious. Flights to Earth orbit helped us a true picture of the surface of the Earth, many of the planets, the Earth's crust and ocean space. They gave a new view of the Earth as the source of life and the understanding that man and nature are an integral whole. Space has provided a real opportunity to address important economic purposes: to improve international communication, long term weather forecasting, development of maritime and aviation navigation.

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Natural phenomena (PCOS)

Throughout history, mankind has witnessed many tragedies caused by forces of nature. In the view of many scientists, PCOS are identified by an independent global challenge facing the world today.

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The problem of technological accidents

An issue of planetary-scale disaster was man-made, natural disasters of any relationship.
The history of such events goes back many centuries. Another wooden Moscow since the Foundation of the endlessly chased fires. Burned out in my time and wood of Chicago. In 1912, the world circled the sensational news of the loss of the Titanic.

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The challenge of urbanization

One of the most pressing global issues of our times in the scientific literature is identified with the process of urbanization. For this approach there are sufficiently strong grounds.
Urbanization (from Latin urbanus is a city) is the process of increasing the role of cities in the development of society, which covers changes in the placement of productive forces, especially in the resettlement of the population its demographic and socially-professional structure, way of life and culture.

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The problem of crime

The roster of global human concerns not limited described previously. It is much broader, more voluminous, which clearly demonstrates the material theme "global studies and geography. Unfortunately, geographic approaches to the analysis of some of them are still insufficient.

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