Problems of World Ocean

Other problems of the oceans

A special application of human labour party to okeanosfere is to use the water as a natural means of communication between countries.

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The problem of ocean energy

Energy resources of the oceans are associated not only with hydrocarbon extracted in large quantities on the shelf, but with renewable energy sources. While ocean energy only to a very small extent, put at the service of man, which makes the problem a global sound (see also "energy problem").

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The problem of mineral resources

If food resources have been used from time immemorial, the massive extraction of mineral raw materials in fact began only in the last decade. Of course, the cost of such raw materials while not rich: more than 90% of all resources extracted from the seabed, are oil and gas, while in the sea water is known to be dissolved almost the entire Mendeleev periodic table (including about 10 million tonnes of gold).

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The problem of biological resources

In a broad sense, they cover all the variety of plants and animals living in the oceans, including, of course, algae and plankton. Quite often in the literature suggests that the biological resources of the ocean is enough to feed at least 10 billion people. In this optimistic digital display is significant, though: not all biological resources economically, technically and environmentally feasible and justified to engage in farming. It is difficult finding ways to optimize the exploitation of biological resources of the oceans and is the essence of the problem.

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The accumulation of knowledge about the ocean

Marine area studied is significantly worse than that of the continents. The scarce knowledge of the oceans has only grown in recent decades due to the rapid growth of technology. And this despite the fact that the ocean is covered by three quarters (71%) and more The Earth!

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The problems of the oceans

In the fact of their performances is a kind of "artificiality" in arising from the inappropriate juxtaposition of land area and water area of the ocean. However, the specificity of its development and ecology is so deep, and the value for all life on Earth is so large that the oceans have become deservedly famous independence.

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